Possible Sessions….A Note For Beginners

When seeing a Mistress /Dominatrix, there is so many possibilities, as there are so many kinks and fetishes that people have that can be explored. It is worth mentioning that when seeing a Mistress, especially when you are new and have not explored BDSM before that it is NOT full service.

Yes, exploring your kinks and fetishes are sexual in nature. It’s a sensual, sexy, intimate and erotic experience every time that a connection is made with a submissive that has a session. It also matters that submissives feel accepted for their kinks and are understood, as that is something that does not always happen in the vanilla world.

That is why seeing a Mistress is something very different to full service.

Being a trained Mistress requires safety and health training, awareness of a persons’ body and taking into consideration any medical issues that they may have.

A Mistress also must have the ability to take that journey into BDSM with a submissive whilst being safe, sane and consensual.

All activities within a session are carried out with complete safety and agreement. All activities that will be done in a session are discussed, negotiated and agreed upon, so that both the Mistress and submissive are comfortable with the kinks and fetishes that are going to be carried out.

This is all for the safety of both parties, but especially for the submissive.


Remember if you are looking just for full service, you should NOT see a Mistress/Dominatrix.


What is A Mistress or Dominatrix?

A Mistress is a person that has experience in; and is trained to assist you in exploring your kinks and fetishes with safety and agreement. A Mistress does kink activities to you as the submissive, so is seen to be in the Dominant position.

You do NOT have sex with a Mistress.

Sex in fetish is considered to be a submissive act and can be carried out by a female submissive (see the profile of Miss Bella Marks)


What is a Submissive?

A submissive is a person that likes to have their kinks or fetishes done to them by a Dominant with safety and with total agreement.


A Session with a single Mistress

A session takes place when a Dominant and submissive have agreed and negotiated what activities will take place between them.

You are welcome to have your session with Mistress Tara or Mistress Phoenix.

A Session with two Mistresses (Double Domme Session)

This happens when you are lucky enough to have your BDSM play with two Dominant females who agreed with you to undertake certain activities.

Mistress Tara and Mistress Phoenix enjoy having double domme sessions together. The Mistresses have known each other for a very long time and work well together.

Its always a booking in advance though, with a deposit taken.

What happens in a session with two Mistresses (Double Domme sessions) ?

Essentially when you see two Mistresses in a double domme session,  it’s a way to double the fun when exploring your kinks and fetishes.

Mistress Tara is available  for double sessions (also called Double Domme sessions) with Mistress Phoenix. You have the opportunity to have two Dominant Mistresses have their way with you while they help you explore your kinks and fetishes.

How do I know that BDSM or seeing a Mistress is for me? If I don’t get sex, what do I get?

Seeing an experienced Mistress means that you can explore your kinks and fetishes with safety and health in mind.

BDSM does not include sex in a Dominant session. Nor does it include a massage.

BDSM is about exploring your kinks and fetishes that are sexual in nature, but are outside the realm of sex itself. Most sessions are a very sensual, erotic experience.


Am I going to a scary dungeon? This is intimidating!

Being a submissive put you in a position of being vulnerable by putting trust and control into the hands of the Mistress that will be Dominating you and satisfying your kinks and fetishes.

You are being welcomed into a private home environment that is comfortable and secure, where all of the equipment and furniture is at hand to maximise your experience.

But seeing a Dominatrix / Mistress is scary! She is going to want to hurt me!

You need to be sure that you are seeing a Mistress that has training and experience in BDSM. Every activity that happens in a session is carried out with complete consent and agreement of both parties. The Mistress will not be doing anything to you that is not agreed upon, nor without use of a safe word.

Seeing a Mistress can be about erotic pleasure, or it can be about pain, or it can be a mixture of both. It depends on what you enjoy as a person. Exploring kink is quite a lot of fun!


What happens if I want to see a Dominatrix and explore BDSM?

First its important to note that everything that happens in a session, is negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. There are no surprises. A Mistress does not just grab you and do whatever she wants to you without discussion or agreement.


An experienced Mistress such as Mistress Tara will want to know:

  • what your kinks and fetishes are;
  • what you would like to explore and;
  • what your experience level is.
  • What is your safe word

The Mistress decides if what you are wanting to explore is a kinky activity that falls within BDSM that she is comfortable providing to you. It must be an activity that is a safe, sane and consensual.

You then agree to have a session together.


I want to have a session with Mistress Tara. What happens now?

Once you have contacted Mistress Tara by phone, text or email and a session has been agreed upon, you need to make an appointment with her in advance and pay a deposit, and then an appointment time is made that suits you both.


What are the payment options?

You are asked to pay a deposit into a non-descript business account via bank transfer.  Or you can pay the same deposit via an ATM machine directly.

What is a safe word? What is it used for?

To safely explore BDSM, a safe word is considered vital.

A safe word is used when you feel uncomfortable with the play that is happening, or if you just need to pause what is happening for whatever reason.

A safe word does not stop the session from continuing, it simply pauses the session, so that the Mistress can check in with the submissive, and then activities can continue.

Does the Mistress have the choice to see me?

Yes a Mistress has the choice to see a submissive, or not see a submissive.

A Mistress will only see you if she enjoys the kinks and fetishes in your session.

If you are asking for sex or massage, the Mistress WILL NOT see you.

Can I see Mistress Phoenix?

Yes you can see Mistress Phoenix.

You will be discussing the possible session with Mistress Tara and as long as it is a session that Mistress Phoenix will enjoy, you can have a session with Mistress Phoenix.

 You also need to pay a deposit to see Mistress Phoenix and make an appointment at a time when she is available to see you.

What is a Professional Submissive?

Mistress Tara has a female submissive that you can see in a session. At the moment, Mistress Tara has a female submissive named Bella Marks and depending on the session that you want to have, you can see Bella either with or without Mistress Tara.

Bella Marks she is very experienced in impact play and other fetishes. Bella sometimes engages in other sexual activities also. Bella is a lot of fun to play with and is actually quite addictive, so watch out!

All activities and sessions for Bella are negotiated through Mistress Tara, so be certain of the activities and kinks that you would like to explore and of your experience in carrying out these activities.

Mistress Tara  also has a male submissive that enjoys being involved in sessions that include forced bi activity and lots of other activity as directed by Mistress Tara in a session. You can only see the male submissive in a double session with Mistress Tara.

All activities and sessions for the male submissive are negotiated through Mistress Tara.

What happens if I see a Professional Submissive?

A professional submissive can engage in sex or oral sex in addition to the exploration of kinks and fetishes.

What is FemDom?

It is exploring the art of Female Domination with a female, such as Mistress Tara or Mistress Phoenix, that is dominating you, while helping you explore your kinks and fetishes.


What is CFNM?

Clothed Female, Naked Male.

This is the dynamic of a session, as your Mistress stays clothed, and the submissive is naked throughout the session.