Here is a list of possible sessions that Mistress Tara is available for, and a little bit of information about each session.

The contents of the sessions will vary according to the person being seen, and the activities (kinks or fetishes) can be combined with one or more activities (kinks or fetishes) within a session.

All activities are carried out with the complete agreement of both parties, after an open discussion and when complete enthusiastic consent is given and the submissive has use of a safe word.

It is important to note that all fetishes can be carried out by Mistress Tara in either a light and erotic manner, a medium level, or to a heavy level.

The way that a session is carried out, depends on the level of experience of the person being seen by the Mistress, and where they are in exploration of their BDSM journey.

Beginners session / Introductory session

A great session if you are new to BDSM and wanting to see if it’s for you. It is a great idea start here, as you can lightly explore a few kinks that you find exciting.

Erotic tie and tease

Another session that is great for not only for a beginner, but for someone that enjoys letting go of their control and being restrained while mistress practises orgasm control and teases them to a stronger and longer lasting orgasm. If you like, you can also add some light anal play.

Wax play

Is the act of putting hot wax onto certain areas of a person’s body. It can also be called temperature play in general as wax is a hot item, which can then be combined with cold items to have a mixture of varying temperature sensations. Wax play can be combined with other activities, such as a tie and tease or beginner session.

A Session with a single Mistress

A session takes place when a Dominant and submissive have agreed and negotiated what activities will take place between them. You are welcome to have your session with either Mistress Tara or Mistress Phoenix

A Session with two Mistresses (Double Domme Session)

This happens when you are lucky enough to have your BDSM play with two Dominant females who have agreed with you to undertake certain activities relating to your kinks and fetishes.

Corporal Punishment / Discipline / Impact Play

All of these three terms can be used to describe hitting a person on certain areas of their body (usually buttocks) with a variety of different impact implements.
It can be light, teasing and sensual, to very heavy, causing blood to flow.


Hitting a person either on their buttocks or on other places agreed upon, with one, or a variety of canes. Canes are very dangerous implements and should only be wielded by those that are very experienced as they can do a lot of damage to the human body.
Both a cold caning and a blood caning is also possible with Mistress Tara, but only by agreement and if you are quite experienced in these activities.

School Boy Caning with the school Mistress

A strict role play where Mistress is disciplining a school boy and providing a caning as a punishment for activities.


Primarily being hit on the buttocks with one or several floggers only. Floggers can also be used on other areas of the body by agreement.
It is usually an activity that is light to medium, and is a good warm up to have before you move into an impact scene.

Bondage / Restraint

Restricting movement of person by restraining them completely so that they experience a loss of control. Rope can be used or other types of items that can restrain a person.
It can be light to heavy. It can also include predicament bondage.

Anal Play

Anal play has several different layers to it. The list is in order of light to heavy anal play. People explore at the level that they are comfortable at, and according to their experience. 

Light anal play is very teasing and exploratory. Its not confronting and gives you a taste of what anal play feels like. Light anal play is most suited for a beginner. Small toys or fingers only are used.

Anal training occurs when a variety of toys are used, starting with fingers, to begin to stretch the anus so that it can take larger toys.

G spot massage or milking is when the G spot is touched by finger/s or a toy and results in a longer and stronger orgasm

Heavy anal play is suitable for a medium to advanced player that has experience with anal play. It can include a variety of larger toys.

Strap on play or pegging both mean the same thing. Mistress has a strap on dildo that she wears to use on you anally after training your anus to be larger.

An anal fisting is only for the very experienced anal player. Suitable for a heavy experienced player.

Mistress Tara also has use of a Sybian machine. The Sybian is well known for its ability to stimulate the G spot an give longer and stronger orgasm. Its great fun to use the Sybian machine during an anal play session.

Medical Play

A very specialised fetish. Mistress Tara has a very authentic medical space which also allows for a very authentic role play, including medical dress ups and medical equipment.

Sensory Deprivation

A great session for a person that would like to switch off from the general day activities and loose control for a time. It involves being restrained, blindfolded and gagged. By losing certain senses for a time you are able to let your brain take a time out from life.
Mummification is also included in the sensory deprivation category as you can be wrapped in pallet wrap from head to toe, or some variance of that. Combined with other activities, you can experience a letting go of stress and control that you have in your everyday life, so that Mistress can do whatever she wants to do to you.

Nipple play

Can be from light to heavy and via using many different nipple clamps of varying strength and using other implements to heighten the sensation in your nipples which in turn increases pleasure. Nipple play can also be incorporated in tie and tease and beginner sessions.

Water sports or Golden Showers

Perfect for a beginner to try or for someone that is more experienced. Water sports are included in a session when it is agreed between the Mistress and submissive. It is also discussed where the golden shower can land on the body.

Cross Dressing / Sissification

This can also be called either a full transformation or a partial transformation.

When cross dressing is a partial transformation, usually only lingerie, corsetry, certain clothes or shoes are worn.

When cross dressing is a full transformation, usually makeup, wigs, and other items are added to a partial transformation.

Sissification is a kink that is added to either a full or partial cross dressing transformation with an added element of humiliation. Usually the submissive enjoys the aspect of being forced to cross dress.


Is either physical humiliation, verbal humiliation or both together in a session. It’s a session that is unique to each submissive depending on what they find to be humiliating.
An example of verbal humiliation is saying something that will be a trigger in a humiliating way to a particular submissive. Its usually quite unique from person to person.
An example of physical humiliation could be face slapping, being spat on or being hit. These activities could occur in from of other Mistresses or submissives.

Ball Busting

Ball busting is something that is recommended for the experienced submissive.
Ball busting is carried out while the Mistress wears boots, starting to move against the testicles slowly, swinging the boots backwards and forwards so that the testicles are connecting and being hit or “busted” by the boots.
The hit is gradually built up over time to what can be withstood.

Genital Torture

This kink or fetish can cover a variety of activities.
Genital torture can be carried out in a range of light to heavy activities. The kink or fetish of genital torture is exactly what the name of it suggests; the genitals are tortured by various implements and activities, as agreed between the Mistress and submissive.

CBT or Cock and Ball Torture

CBT or cock and ball torture uses various devices to restrict the blood flow to the penis and to the balls.
The main aim of CBT is to keep the penis harder for a longer period of time than normal.
Cock and Ball Torture is a technique that is used for orgasm denial and edging play, which in turn increases and strengthens orgasm.

Forced Bi

Mistress Tara has use of a very attractive male submissive who is bi and enjoys the company of men and women. He is slender, tall and in his mid twenties and is blessed with a nine inch penis and knows how to use it.
A Forced bi session is one of Mistress Tara’s favourite session to do with her male submissive.
This male submissive is always happy to assist Mistress when she is asked to force a male to do certain sexual activities to another male.

Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish

Foot fetish can include foot worship, shoe worship and / or boot worship.
A foot fetish session is specifically tailored to what a submissive is looking for in a foot worship or boot worship session.


Trampling involves standing slowly on different parts of the body.
It is safest to have trampling done on parts of the body that have bones to support the necessary weight, or a very strong core structure.
Again, it is important to negotiate the areas that will be trampled.

Role Play

There are so many scenarios and relationships that can involve role play.
Some examples of role plays can be: Medical fetish, Doctor / patient, Nurse / patient, School Mistress / student, Boss / Secretary, Pet Handler / pet, Principal / teacher, Police Woman / deviant…just to name a few possible scenarios.

Electrical Play or Electro play

Electrical play is a fetish that heightens sexual pleasure through the use of certain electrical devices.
Mistress Tara mainly uses a TENS machine in electro play, but can also use a violet wand.

Smoking Fetish

A smoking fetish is an erotic art form that involves the Mistress smoking for the pleasure of a submissive

Piercings / Needles

A piercing fetish is usually a fetish that is of favoured by very advanced submissives. It also can involve a little bit of blood.
There is two way that a piercing fetish can be carried out:
Temporary Piercings: where needles of different thicknesses, or gauges are pierced into various patterns around the body, according to size or colour. Then once the pattern is complete, these needles are removed from the body.
Permanent Piercings: where a needle is used for the purpose of piercing the skin and stainless steel permanent jewellery is inserted and kept in certain body parts. The jewellery is not removed.

Sounds / Catheters

Sounds or catheters are implements that are inserted though the eye of the penis, into and down the urethra. The sounds or catheters come in various sizes, to enable stretching of the urethra.
Mistress Tara uses catheters of a different variety of sizes, as they are completely sterile and one use only.

Face Sitting / Smothering / Queening

This occurs when the Mistress sits on your face with her clothes on, or at the very minimum her underwear. This fetish is in the category of asphyxiation play.

Pet / Animal Training

The most common forms of pet play are: pony play, dog play or kitten play.
In pet play or animal play, the Mistress first dresses you as a pet, then trains you to be her pet, or plays with you as her pet.
Mistress Phoenix loves pet play sessions.

Erotic Asphyxiation or breath play

Breath play can be dangerous, so is only recommended to be carried out by those with experience, with safety.
Breath play occurs when the Mistress reduces your air supply with her hands.
Breath play can also happen as a result of face sitting, smothering or queening by the Mistress.

Slave training or Slave protocols

Some people have a need beyond submission and are in the realm of having the needs of a slave.
Slaves are usually very service orientated and some are very protocol orientated. This means that they like to have rules and procedures, or protocols in place that are very strict in nature and are usually in service to the Mistress for the period of time that they see her.